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# Song Bitrate Length
1 The Devil Makes Three - Poison Trees 320 03:59
2 The Devil Makes Three - Shades 160 04:37
3 The Devil Makes Three - For Good Again 256 04:35
4 The Devil Makes Three - Statesboro Blues 320 03:23



2019-06-15 12:04:14 | Profile
Hugh Grant St James infirmery

Nick Naumkin

2019-03-27 00:24:52 | Profile
a good friend of mine just died yesterday her son passed a year and seven months before her .. he was a good friend of mine too .. i can surly say that i got the Saint James Infirmary Blues right now .. all she wanted for the last year and seven months was to be with her son again .. now she is ..


2019-01-20 18:40:41 | Profile
I love The Devil Makes Three. I play it every night! One of my faves, definitely!

Sagrario Laureano

2019-01-07 00:09:40 | Profile
i was at rhete 1st sold out show in hollywood... so damn special

Master XX

2019-01-06 19:25:28 | Profile
Just got turned onto this band by a very good friend that recently passed.....very cool band and he left me the gift of music !!! Thank you Rick Carson!

Maria Unsal

2018-12-31 14:03:13 | Profile
To my gorgeous and wonderful ex; that i regret losing and also understand that it was time for us to end. Still love her and miss her, i wish the best for her.


2018-12-27 23:09:47 | Profile
1.551 men go down on that old graveyard, only 1.510 men coming back..

Glowy Neno

2018-12-27 05:46:12 | Profile
Anybody know the chords

Rocio Contreras

2018-12-09 03:46:04 | Profile
omg. st. james infirmary blues is my favourite song. i really like their version.