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Kim Jeonghun

2019-03-16 04:09:26 | Profile
Charlie wilson the man.

Multi Omega

2019-02-07 13:31:11 | Profile
tell it...I think this songs too real n if a person truly loves u they gotta except it an not let egos get the best

необратимость -

2018-12-26 23:37:08 | Profile
95 baby this is classic i miss my childhood

Tuğrul Kardaş

2018-12-11 14:40:09 | Profile
Dlizuve up in the the hizouse...

Aleksandra Asbo

2018-12-10 15:08:04 | Profile
This song kind of sounds like a song Outkast came out with


2018-12-01 12:37:54 | Profile
Some feel good music but it makes me think about the older folks from back in the day that use to sit under the tree and chill all day drink beer and the Extra dry Gin(Bumpy Bottle) the good ol days fly by. R.I.P. to the ones that pasted your soul and memories live on through me.


2018-11-26 21:03:32 | Profile
Some about them drums in the beginning that get me groovy.. 96 baby

Lorna Guerrero

2018-11-21 23:16:46 | Profile
I saw the GAP Band in concert. I was the only one wearing a Cowboy Hat! Just as lovely as it was brand new. Still listening 40 years later.

Call me Elea

2018-11-20 09:56:30 | Profile
My three year old said " Mommy, I like this song. Dont change it!" Lol