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2019-01-11 21:13:26 | Profile
This man made me want to learn Italian

boise macentire

2019-01-10 17:43:15 | Profile
One of the best singers........Also in the opera

Mason Malice

2019-01-03 19:56:24 | Profile
This wonderful song went on to win the 1958 Grammy for record and song of the year beating Frank Sinatra and Perry Como

Gulja Gulja

2018-12-25 12:54:31 | Profile
A great song and it should have won in 1958, but I assume it did win at San Remo the same year ?

ximena sandoval

2018-12-23 09:20:45 | Profile
di blu di pito di blu ajaajajaja patata no se que dice la cancion

gary gracious

2018-12-21 19:33:23 | Profile
Viiieirra.. O-O-O.. Viiieirra.. O-O-O-O.. He comes from Senegal, He plays for Arsenal.. Viiieirraaa..

Илья Ромаков

2018-12-21 18:28:00 | Profile
I love the internet.

Kazia Thornhill

2018-12-21 15:05:20 | Profile
One of my all-time favorites! Sooo Romantic!

Adam Jacobs

2018-12-17 09:20:11 | Profile
soy argentino y no puedo evitar acordarme de Gardel, increible la cultura Italiana que se parece mucho a la nuestra saludos